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Fem – Cherry Pop Tartz (3 Seed = 30$ – 5 Seed = 50)


Cherry Pop Tartz – ( Afghan Cherries x Cherry Cola)



Cherry Pop Tartz :



What we have here is a cross between two beautiful afghani varieties. I dove into the S1 generation of my afghan cherries and found an amazing daughter that looked almost identical to her mother with all the same attributes.



I crossed the two girls together and created some really unique and strong cherry terpene, and flower stature. These girls yield really well if given the adequate light and grown correctly. The effects when consumed are perfect for after work, numbing most of your body to a peaceful relaxation.



I must advise, I did the best I could to remove all hermaphroditic traits from this genome, but this does not mean it is 100% herm free, there are always outliers when it comes to breeding and biology.



Genetics : Aghan Cherries x Cherry Cola
Variety : Indica
Tested : Indoors
Flowering Time : 8 Weeks
Terpene Profile : Cherry Cough Drops, Dough, Sugar & Sweet


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