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Fem – Afghan Cherries – (3 Seed = 30$ – 5 Seed = 50$) (Copy)


Afghan Cherries – ( Afghani )



Afghan Cherries :



The cultivar is a fast, heavy, compact cannabis cultivar. Originating from India, it’s true that these strains are commonly grown for charas in the mountainous north of the country.


I obtained these seeds from a trusted source many years ago. Every cultivar that came from this seed lot was absolutely beautiful in so many ways. After implementing an open pollination I found one cultivar that was absolutely beautiful with an amazing ripe cherry terpene profile and amazing trichome production. After stress tests proved she wasn’t prone to hermaphrodism I knew I had keeper.


She loves light more then most cannabis plants I’ve dealt with and she’ll let you know she wants more by a slight droop of her heavy aghani fan leaves. Her yield is far above average and will make delicious edibles and concentrates from her robust cherry profile. If your looking for a delicious well yielding plant this girl is a pretty good gem to have in your personal library.



I must advise, I did the best I could to remove all hermaphroditic traits from this genome, but this does not mean it is 100% herm free, there are always outliers when it comes to breeding and biology.



Genetics : Aghani
Variety : Indica
Tested : Indoors
Flowering Time : 8 Weeks
Terpene Profile : Cherry Cough Drops


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